Recovery Drinks

Are you looking to make some positive changes to your nutrition for better performance? As is mentioned on various pages throughout my site, it is best to take in a high level of carbohydrates with some protein soon after you finish your main workout. Consuming something within 15 to 20 minutes after your training will be most beneficial as your body is looking to restore its energy. In order to train and continue to improve you need to recover properly. A recovery drink could ensure a quick recovery with good taste. Unlike bodybuilders, we marathon runners need more carbohydrates than protein for recovery.

When to consume recovery drinks

Not after every run do you need a recovery drink. For example: after a recovery run, an easy run day, or on a cross-training day it is enough to just eat a healthy meal afterwards. It is for the long runs, tempo runs, interval training, etc., that we use lots of energy which should be replaced as soon as possible after doing or while doing a cool-down. There is a window of 15 to 20 minutes in which our body is eager to recover as soon as it can. Recovery drinks contain about 200 to 300 calories and should have a higher amount of carbohydrates than protein.

Recovery Drinks vs Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are designed mainly for re-hydration purposes before, during, and after training or races. Sports drinks are a diluted form of recovery drinks where the carbohydrates and electrolytes are only included to increase absorption of fluids.


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