Back to running after giving birth

When can I begin, return, and continue to run after giving birth? These are quite common questions many women have at a certain stage of their life. Getting back in shape after giving birth often depends on whether the delivery was uncomplicated or whether you had a C-section or other complications during the pregnancy or birth. It is commonly suggested that unless you had a smooth natural delivery, you should consult your physician on how much rest is required. Otherwise, you might be able to start with really low intensity runs mixed with a walking break within a week, depending on your feeling. Strenuous exercise should obviously not be forced in any way.

There have been many women before you who have successfully returned to running. Some have even bounced back to professional running after having been pregnant, some even twice! Of course they had a team of professionals around them who advised them on diet and training as well as monitoring their condition and health. Getting back to running will get you out of the house and picking up some vitamin D in the process. It will give you a good feeling by building your mental fitness and reducing stress.

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