Running Injuries

For many runners an injury can prevent them from finishing their marathon preparation in time for the race. It is a fine line where you train at the top of your capacity just enough to see improvements and not becoming injured. Train too much and you'll end up injured and stuck on your sofa. Read our guidelines on how to prevent a running injury. In the unfortunate case you've ended up with an injury, please read our guidelines on how to recover from running injuries

Due to the repetitive nature of running, injuries are very specific. Injuries are caused either by the body's own intrinsic factors or by extrinsic factors.

The body functions on a closed chain system when running i.e. when the foot is in contact with the ground, the forces and mechanics are transmitted through the leg to the spine. With every step this is repeated which means if anywhere along this chain something is out of line potential injuries may arise.

Intrinsic factors relate to the runner's body itself. These are factors from inside the body rather than outside running injury risk factors. Everybody has their own individual mechanics, some better than others. Some break down easier than others. Every runner has their own unique threshold of injury.


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