Marathon Training Runs

During both the mileage buildup schedule and the actual marathon preparation schedule a marathon runner runs various types of runs. to name a few types of training runs: there is the easy-run which is usually ran at a 5 to 8 percent slower pace than marathon race pace. There is the long-run which is the longest run of the week and will be build up with small increments to 30 to 34KM by the time the marathon race is about three weeks away. There is the tempo-run which is a steady run at a pace faster than predicted marathon race pace but only for 5 to 8 miles. This tempo run could also be broken up into shorter pieces


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Boston Marathon
( April 18, 2011 )

New York Marathon
November 6, 2011

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October 9, 2011

London Marathon
April 17, 2011

Berlin Marathon
September 25, 2011

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