Runners Weight Training Guide

Weight Training For Runners

Most recreational marathon runners try to avoid dumbbells and other resistance training because they do not want to put on any extra muscle mass to carry about for 26.2 miles. However, some weight training is recommended as long as these support the running mechanics.

The repetitive movements of running can lead to some muscle imbalance.

A common strength imbalance is found in opposing muscle groups, such as the quadriceps muscles and the hamstrings. This imbalance could lead to muscle pulls and a variety of other injuries. Try to aim for a 3:2 strength ratio of the quadriceps muscles and the hamstrings. It could be useful to test your ratio at a gym by doing a maximum lift on the leg-extension machine and a maximum lift on a hamstring-curl machine. Your maximum results should be close to a 3:2 ratio.

Upper and lower body imbalances are also frequently observed in runners. While running the leg muscles are most active and the middle and upper-body muscles are merely recruited in order to stabilize the body. In case the upper-body muscles are weaker than the lower-body muscles you might be more prone to lower-back pain. This is often seen in runners with a round-shouldered posture. They are unable to keep an up-right posture after they become a little fatigued. And this round-shouldered posture will then wear them out even more, because when one muscle or muscle group is spend, the rest of the body will soon collapse -- you're only as strong as your weakest link.

Frequent running could be a cause of imbalances of strength and flexibility, this can be between muscles or even in the same muscle. Let's take the hip flexors for example, if they are strong but tight, there is a probable chance that this leads to hip pain or back pain. Another example would be when your quadriceps are strong and your hamstrings are tight, leading to improper running mechanics which most often lead to various knee injuries.

But your home can serve as a good place to improve on muscle imbalances. We have a compiled weight training program especially for runners. These weight training exercises combine basic weight training with some unique running specific movements. We recon they are well suited for the average to advanced competitive runners.

We recommend performing these workouts two or three times a week, aiming for 10 to 15 repetitions. Always do each side to complete one set. Do two or three sets of each exercise depending on your level of fitness, and rest 30 to 60 seconds between each set. These weight training exercises employ your own body weight and small dumbbells only.

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